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On Time Scoopers provides dog waste removal services. We provide one time, or 1-6 times a week scoops. We clean up and remove what your dog leaves behind. We do the chore No One wants to do. We also Service:

  • Homeowners Associations – Pet Waste Removal, Pet Waste Station sales, maintenance & installations.

  • Apartments / Condominiums

  • Parks / Bike Paths

  • Special Events 


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#1 dog waste (Poop) removal service

About Us

We are a family own dog waste removal service; our everyday routine has to do with cleaning up and removing dog waste “It’s what we do”. At On Time Scoopers we understand your dogs are part of your personal lifestyle, which is why our mission is to make sure our dog loving customers can maximize time with their four-legged loved ones instead of wasting their time cleaning up their poop landmines. Our dog poop cleaning skills help make life easier for dog loving owners to have more freedom to enjoy their home, family, and yard! It feels great to know the service we provide eliminates the most undesirable aspect of canine ownership.

Residential and Commercial Services

We aim to offer the best dog poop cleaning and removal service which is why we now offer one-time clean ups and recurring weekly service. How many times a week can we come? that is entirely up to you, we can be there once a week or up to 6 times a week. We are proud to announce that besides our residential services such as dog poop removal, and yard deodorizing we now offer commercial services such as goose poop removal, common area waste removal, and pet waste station services

#1 Dog Waste (Poop) Removal Service? We Clean It Up, and Remove It

What makes On Time Scoopers the #1 dog waste removal service? We clean up and remove the waste, (just kidding) we understand cleaning and removing dog waste is the service we offer but there is more to that, our customers put their trust on us to be reliable, and dependable. We know communication is important which is why when a customer signs up for our service, we automatically create a client portal. A client portal gives our customers the ease to update their own info such as change of address, adding another dog, review billing, scheduling details, and more.

Discover all the areas we Serve in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, and Westchester County.

We provide dog waste removal service all year long!

Does accumulating dog waste have you feeling down? Let us do your dirty work!

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Diseases Spread Through Dog Waste


While owning dog can bring your family lots of joy in your home, their waste can spread disease. Fun tasks like going to the dog park or visiting your friend’s yard can bring your pup harm, as dogs love to sniff and roll around in dog waste. Doing your part, by keeping your yard clean will help to keep your dog healthy. Luckily, there are pet waste removal services that can take care of the dirty work for you. If you are interested in learning more about the diseases spread through dog waste, keep reading.


Hookworms are little parasites that harbor in your dog’s feces. The little parasites feed off your dog’s intestinal tract and cause your dog to lose blood internally. This is especially dangerous for puppies. Hookworms can be prevented by maintaining a clean environment, free of pet waste.


Parvovirus, also known as parvo, is a dangerous disease spread through dog feces and if ingested by mouth, can be life threatening. This disease can affect dog of all ages, but young puppies are especially susceptible. This virus makes it almost impossible for your dog to absorb the proper nutrients it needs for survival. In a worse case scenario, this virus can cause a dog to pass away due to severe diarrhea and vomiting. Parvo can also lead to heart failure. Cleaning up dog waste near your home or where your pet spends a lot of time is a great way to prevent parvovirus.


Giardia is another disease spread through pet waste. These parasites can cause your dog or cat to get a bad case of diarrhea. The difficult thing about giardia is that it can be difficult to diagnose. The best thing you can do for your animals is to keep your yard, and the yards your pet may visit, clean and free from pet waste.

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